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During the time of the infamous Witch Trials of 1692, young frontiersmen Aaron and Cyrus happen upon a strange item while traveling to Salem, Massachusetts. Accidentally unleashing its magic, they find themselves in a different world.

Dr. Troy Duncan and his team of time adventurers have misplaced their invention, the Time Opener. Concerned with ensuring the integrity of time, they attempt to track down and recover it at any cost. Meanwhile, modern-day college student Jeremy is on a date with his girlfriend Lisa when Aaron and Cyrus appear. Discovering that the Time Opener is damaged, Jeremy takes action to return his guests safely home. When the scientists finally catch up with Jeremy and company, Dr. Duncan, Jeremy, and Lisa are thrust into the world of 1692 and accused of practicing witchcraft. While they await their fates, they must also endure the realities of life in Colonial Salem, where nothing is what they expected.

Now, only Aaron and Cyrus know they are innocent, and must find a way to save their new friends from certain death on the gallows while protecting themselves from the ruthless hysteria of the Witch Trials.

'"The Time Opener - 1692" a unique twist to the time-traveler novel that leaves the reader guessing what's next.'
----- Darden North, national IPPG award-winning author of "Wiggle Room"

Dear Readers, 

Due to a change in Publishers, The Time Opener: 1692 will be re-issued by the end of the 2017 year, along with the upcoming sequel, The Time Opener: 1970. We expect this to be available at much more affordable prices. Please "Like" us on Facebook and check back for updates as the re-issue gets closer. Thank you for your interest and patience! 

--J L Tracy, Jr

February 2017


A Novel

by J L Tracy, Jr

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“The Time Opener: 1692” is more than just a time-travel adventure.  It is a story for teens and adults which follows three modern-day residents of Salem, Massachusetts, as they discover how people from different time periods are both vastly different yet suprisingly similar. Going beyond just being an exciting science fiction romp, this story digs deeper to uncover a community that has many parallels to many communities today.


​978-1681423500​ (Paperback)

'"One of my favorite things about The Time Opener: 1692 was the way that it made sure to deal with the repercussions of the plot on the characters’ emotional health.'
----- J. Hollan,

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